About Us

About Us

Mr Fabulous has been operating since 2005 and we have continued to expand and extend our product lines to include just about anything the guitarist needs.

The business is run by Fabian D’urbano, who has been playing guitar since 1976. He has a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Melbourne and has worked in R&D labs for both Siemens and Bosch

Inspired by the likes of Brian May of Queen, he started building and customising guitars and pickups in the late 80’s, and providing a rewind service for guitar techs at the time.

Fabian is also a guitar collector and has a collection of interesting guitars and amps, and still plays in bands. His workhorse guitars are usually modified to suit himself as are his amps.

In the past few years we have also offered guitar setups and repairs, amp servicing and repairs, and pickup rewinding services.

Mr Fabulous Guitars is all about building the best guitars, or improving the one you have to suit you.