Southbound Pickup set , Untapped Pickups, Dire Straits, Original Style



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For sale is a custom set of untapped pickups which replicate the tones of the classic Schecter F500t pickups with a nice twist. the older pickups were kind of dark and middy. The top end has been enhanced.

I have had originals and also other replicas, and find that these are much more versatile insofar as not requiring completely different amp settings from your other single coil guitars. the output of these is equal and if not more than the originals and have that classic bell-like chime associated with mark knopfler.

the originals command ridiculous prices because they are scarce and recently saw one set sell for over $1600….. ridiculous. these capture the tone and versatility of the originals, for a fraction of the price.

because these are untapped, they can be installed directly into a standard strat assembly utilising the std 5 way switch.

if you require a complete pick guard assembly, please get intouch as i can also make them up for you

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 20 cm


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